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Instructions of How to get the best use from this website

  When looking for a specific product you will be able to use the search bar in the top right corner of the page, or you can  go in through the category buttons on the left hand side of the page going in and out of each of the different categories.


Most important !!! Even if you are a regular customer!
If you have not signed up as customer, on this web-site, then you need to do that. Yes even if you have been buying from us for many years.  We need your company info and tax number and all the questions that the form asks for to be filled out.
Please note this is because - you pick your password!
We do not assign a password. 
You will need to sign in / log-in everytime you go to the web-site! If you do not sign in, you will not be able to see the prices, and you will not be able to create an order by utilizing the shopping cart. You will only be able to become an approved customer if you are a retailer.

The new web-site still has some kinks to work out, some products when the transfer from our price list to create the catalogue went missing, this is because of the size of it. We have been trying to figure out what they are and add them in, but we may miss some. If you think something is missing, that you need for your store , and you are sure we must still sell it. We ask you to simply send us an email  inquiring about that product  and we will let you know if it is really discontinued. If it isn't discontinued and we do still carry it than we will get it posted on the site immediately. 

On Some items the prices are showing up wrong, and we don`t know why they appear correct in the administration end, but show up in the shopping cart different than actual.  So prices are just plain wrong and we don`t know why and our i.t. team is working on this to correct any issues and are trying to work them all out.  

Please note when you order it is really an purchase order and is not an invoice. The actual invoice is created at the time that we are filling your order and it is actually what you are getting.

We can no longer keep back orders, if we are out of something it maybe on its way and yet we will only hold your order if it is too small to send right away if too many things are out of stock, or if inform us that your order should ship complete or not at all. 
Thanks so much for your patience in the new changes.
Whenever there is change it often comes with  some headaches and hassles, but in the long run works out better, so we truly appreciate your patience, and your input of when you find things to do with this shopping system that are not working correctly.

**We regret to inform you that due to the high volume of orders that we receive, Orders that come in without  credit card information can not be processed, we can not call for the payment. If the order  comes in without a credit card it will not  be invoiced packed or shipped, until your credit card information is recieved in writing. It  must be with the order.

If you are ordering for the first time, and are not using our shopping cart then we need to be sure you know that we still need all of your information. Please be sure that you include your vendors permit number, phone number and fax number and full mailing address including postal code, with the order.  Time zone differences and Telephone tag just slows things down, and we try to get orders out ASAP.  We need all of this information and your order can be processed and sent out as quickly as we can process it in a timely fashion. If you need your order by a specific date please be sure to sure inform us of that so that we can meet your needs. You can use the notes line in the on-line shopping cart.



 We truly appreciate doing business with independent retailers and it is our goal to be a partner with you helping you to succeed in your business.

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