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British products Important information

Some items we sell have short dates and that would include 90 % of our British candy section. Best before does not mean death after,  nor does it mean expired and can't be eaten, and it definitely is not stale before the date or even on the date. We just don't sell it after, but we do sell it close to on the British line. The reason being, It is really important for all retailers to understand that 2-3 months on British goods is more often than not, as good as it gets. So if that is not long enough, we suggest you not bother with British candy in your store, and therefore do not order British goods. 

At risk of sounding like a broken record, If you do not think that you can go through the goods in that length of time, then we urge you - do not even get started offering British Candy in your store.  There are so many other fabulous candy products we have available that have  longer dates than the British so we recommend you focus on those items. 

Otherwise order the British short dates and all, and watch them fly off your shelves.

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