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News / New, What's Hot, and what is happening



Old Time Confections has:

- many fixtures for sale new and used if you need fixtures or props give us a call to discuss your needs

- moved into a new warehouse in South Barrie. It you want to pick up your order please make note on your order in the note section what date you want to pick up the order.

Spam email is such a problem, we need to go to the Old Time ways and talk on the phone. Call us with your questions, or fax 705-725-8139 

Due to the high us dollar our wholesale orders are being charged a 30% surcharge at this time. this will appear in your shipping line and will be both shipping and dollar exchange charge 

Special note on unavailable items:
Some times store owners/buyers get upset with us when we don't have something.  We feel your pain, we too are upset when we can't get something, but that is just a fact of life in the candy world. Things come and go, things get discontinued, somethings are not made all year, and  sometimes there are production issues, waiting for production, high demand and ordering takes along time. An example is (WE  WAITED 2 1/2 YEARS FOR THE ASTRO POP), delays can be customs tie ups, ships being re-routed due to high winds on the ocean, sometimes flavours or colours are not available- the list is endless of what can go wrong and cause us to not have something. So we beg you please don't get cranky. Some days we really wish we had a magic wand to pull it from the sky. Our promise to you is that we want the goods as badly if not more than you do!  We order, we wait, we ship. We have a huge inventory of things in our warehouse but there is always the guessing game of how much to order based on what you the retailers want. Some points in the year everyone orders all at once the same things and we run out.  That's just the way it is in the candy world!  Oh how we wish that we could know what and when everyone will be ordering the same thing, but we can't. We strongly suggest that for very important busy times of the year, plan ahead and do not wait until the week of to order.  

Here Now:

The names and pictures of the japanese candy line has been posted to the site. The whole line is very very exciting as the flavours and textures and quality of japanese candy is fabulous. The problem with the japanese line is the constant change of things available so to solve this problem we are going to change to an pre-pack program. Watch for details through the order catalogue.

We have brought on lots of Pop in glass bottles, and Tin cans from the UK and the USA. It is a huge hit for us and therefore we will be bringing more and more on this year.  We would love to ship it to all our customers, but can only ship to those doing enough volumne to ship by skid (pallet - truck line) to you. If an order is big enough that it makes sense to ship on a pallet/truck line, and not by canpar (courier) then you can order the pop. The reason for this is it would arrive broken and exploded by courier  service. Watch the Soda Pop page as we continue to add to it. We are working hard to find more and more hard to find Sodas.

The old fashion taffy - Mccraws is now only available in the full case of 6x24 which is 144 units. We so seldom sell the single box, and customers that do order single boxes end up needing to reorder so fast, that we realize that it is cost effective  to only be available in the full case. We also have floor displays available with assorted colours and flavours the display has 240 units. Sometimes this product gets crumbly, if you get it into a warm area it will soften up.

During the hot months, when heat issues arise, a note is always on the web-site under the page that talks about damages during shipping but we feel it most important to post it on the news page during the hot season as not everyone reads the damages page:
Chocolate and candy that arrives melted is not the responsability of canpar nor is it the fault or responsibility of Old Time Confections.  Melting chocolate or candy  issues are the risk of the customer. It is very important that this is understood and the customer so that you realize if you are not willing to take the risk that you should not order Chocolate in the heat sensative months of the year. The other solution is that you can pay for freezer packs to be put in each box, at a cost of $2.00 a pack, we will put 3 in each box. These will be packs you can reuse for other things so please be sure to request them if you are not willing to take the risk upon yourself.

Price increases - We reserve the right to sell at correct prices. The world of candy has just gone through a 10-15% price increase on the products we sell. The price changes are being made as fast as we can and yet with how large our line is it is easy to miss some price changes, we do not mean to be misleading in prices, and are checking and double checking going through everything as fast as we can, but we do need to qualify that statement with the understanding that we need to resevere the right to sell things at the new correct prices. Thanks so much for understanding.

This Note was posted in 2010 :Urgent and very important - If you have on your shelves toxic waste sludge bars any flavour you need to remove them from your shelves as there has been a product recall on this item.
Please contact us or who ever supplied you with it as to what to do with the product. - This is serious and you need to stop selling it

GONE FOR GOOD - Manufacturers have discontinued the following items 
fundip tropical - sold out
fundip sour - sold out
tart n tiny - sold out
slo pokes on the stick- sold out 



Tiny Chiclets

All wonka bars ( oh yes they have lost there minds in Wonka world)
Laffy taffy jumbo bar Blue Raspberry ( I know that is nuts - the #1 selling flavour is gone what can I say. I don't make the decisions, it was the master minds at Nestle . LOL)

You will get the wow effect in your store if you carry the bigger ticket items: the big lollipops and lots of colorful things to get the customers eye going everywhere in the store. It is so important to create a look. What ever that look is, go it all the way.  You want customers coming back and bringing friends in.   We can help you to create a fabulous store! book class time for one on one teaching of all the how to's of the candy business classroom time is customized to your needs and your schedule.


If you are looking for an item and we do not currently carry it, please request it and we will do our best to look into that item for you. We need to know the correct name of the product and if you know who makes it please tell us that as well.  If it is out of production we can do nothing about that. If it is still available we will take a serious look at bringing the line on. 

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