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 Ordering Procedures

Who do we sell to

For Retail inquiries go to our page that tells you where our retail store location is:

45 Commerce Park dirve in Barrie's south End 705-727-4044 www.oldtimeconfections.ca is the site for the general public

This web-site is for retailers. We are wholesale/ distributors. We do not retail through this .com web-site. Only retailers can view prices and only once approved, and logged in using the password. 

As long as the Canadian dollar is so week, we have no choice but to add an exchange rate surcharge which is 30% and appears in with the shipping. 

  We are not the manufacturer!!
That makes us the middle man.
 We sell imported items that we import 90% of our items we import from  the USA the other items we sell are from The UK and from Holland, and Japan. 

There are great advantages for the independent  retailer to be buying from the middle man. Just to name a few of  those advantages:  
The independent retailer does not have to buy a large quantity of each and every item that you want to carry in your store. 
We do that.
When we order from our suppliers majority of them have a minimum of 1000 lbs and others is 1500 lbs. per order, and some have just raised minimums to 3000 lbs. While other manufacturers give a dollar value and often that dollar value is anywhere from 3-5 thousand dollars. Some items weigh only 3 or 4 lbs. most independent retailers do not want 1000 lb - 3000 lbs. of that item. So the long and the short of it is - like it or not there is a reason for the middle man. 
In order that it be possible for the independent retailer to  have a large variety of goods, it means you need to work with a wholesale distributor, (the middle man) and  that is us. We offer a very large variety of goods with a very low minimum order required from you.
Our suggested  minimum order is only $500.00. before tax and before shipping. We will sell less than the minimum within reason, but when we do so  we want you to be well aware that when ordering less it is our opinion that the shipping costs would work out to be too costly, and you will be much happier with the cost of shipping when ordering much more than the minimum rather than less. If the order is too small we will either have to ask you to add to it or we will have to add an additional handling charge of $35.00 over an above the cost of shipping.

We do have a showroom that you can come to figure out your order if you do not want to use the web-site. 

We can not guarantee that if you opt for the showroom visit that you will be able to take product home the same day, we will try but cannot promise, based on how busy the warehouse already is that day.

 We also offer educational classes to help educate the retailer or future retailer of all the how to`s of the candy business.

We do not offer cash and carry nor is pick up service available. We do ship with Canpar, or postal service to more remote locations.  When ordering soda pop or other fragile items the order will have to be sent on a pallet/skid, which unless the order is large enough will be very costly.

 We reserve the right to sell at correct prices. The world of candy has just gone through a 12-15% price increase on the products we sell. The price changes are being made as fast as we can and yet with how large our line is it is easy to miss some price changes, we do not mean to be misleading in prices, and are checking and double checking going through everything as fast as we can, but we do need to qualify that statement with the understanding that we need to resevere the right to sell things at the new correct prices. Thanks so much for understanding. You have our assurance that we are working as fast as we can to do all price changes both on the web-site and in our invoicing system.


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