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Who do we sell to


We do not sell retail, through this web-site 
The web-site you are on is only for our  wholesale customers, that is - those that are reselling the product. or food-service etc!!
There is a retail store in the South End 45 Commerce Park Drive

Barrie Ontario

We can help to recommend where there is a a store in your area if we have a store we sell to in your area!!
To see if your business qualifies to be able to log in to a wholesale customer
The typical  wholesale accounts that we sell to are:


Candy Stores

Collectible / Antique stores



Catering Company's



Drug Stores

Entertainment Companies

Wedding Planners

Event Planners

Festival / fair retailers

Furniture stores

Garden Centres

Gift shops

Hardware stores


Ice Cream Parlors


Party stores

Specialty Food Store's


Tourist Resorts

Theme Parks

Toy Stores

Video Stores


Business Opportunities/Dealerships available

Big or small all wholesale customers need to be able to pay with master card or visa

It is only our opinion, but we are of the opinion that All stores should have a little if not a lot of candy, available for sale, we must qualify this statement by saying - too little will not even be noticed.   Candy is something that everyone loves and we have a product line for everyone from 1 to 101

Where do we sell:



Suggested minimums In Canada are $500.00  Canadian $   We strongly suggested for Alberta and B.C., Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador that you do your best to spend a minimum of 700.00 as the cost of freight is higher there on small shipments   

Visa or Master Card is required for shipped orders, for prepayment. Orders can not be processed without a MasterCard or visa with expiry date with it.  (Please do not ask us us to call you for the card number, it must be present with the order, we need written authorization to use the card - this is a requirement of the credit card companies). 

Therefore we can not accept verbal for the visa or MasterCard number.  
Please understand errors can be made with verbal over the phone number calling. This is most important for your own protection in the use of a credit card, we need a signature from you authorizing the credit card charge. 

Ordering through our on-line shopping cart  is encrypted for security to take your credit card.  It is for this reason that we do prefer that all wholesale orders come in via our web-site using the shopping cart. If you are one of the rare customers that does not have high speed Internet and need to use regular  email for ordering and or fax then you can feel comfortable faxing the credit card info being as our fax is a private line in the owners office. So nobody else will see your credit card information. If you order by fax or email and do not use our shopping cart please be sure that you order by the correct name and by the box not the unit and do not use the bar-code only, the name of the product is what we need, we pick orders based on looking at the product and we scan it to create the invoice.

Email is the most effective way of communicating with us, this is due to the fact that we sell all over the world and the time zones are such that phone tag can be very frustrating to both you and to us. If you do need to phone us we take phone calls during 9-5 eastern standard time, Monday through Friday. We do not use voice mail, so if you can not get us during those times, you can always email us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Business Description:

Old Time Confection is a company dedicated to:

Importing Old Fashion Candies of Yesteryear... 

Specializing in Retro candy along with Novelty, . 

All the hard to find Sweets & Treats that you remember from when you were a child.

This causes the availability of some products sometimes to be hard to get as well.

We also sell nostalgia tin signs, and toys and collectibles

We also export Canadian made goods.

Customers say "Wow I remember those...or " I haven't seen them in years" . 


Old Time Confections
Phone: 705-727-4044

Sorry to repeat ourselves but this is KEY information:
All Orders need to  be in writing.

Verbal orders can not be accepted.
This is protection to the store, as proof of what you did and did not order.   We strongly suggest you use the shopping cart provided for your convenience provided in this web-site but if you choose to use regular email or fax, then we need you to be sure you know our requirements of how to order and you follow them, and that your credit card information is with the order.  We will not process orders with out the credit card information on the order.
We thank you for understanding!


fax  705-725 - 8139

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