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Minimum orders / T ax and shipping costs

For Canada the new Tax system has many confused. Due to the fact that not every province is collecting the HST Tax, and that most Provinces are different from other provinces. Some still only have GST others the HST is higher than others. We assure you that  You will be charged the correct taxable amount for your province. It has nothing to do with where you ordered it from, it has everything to do with where you are selling the goods.  Our invoice system in the web-site will  calculate the correct tax but your invoice that is created at time of shipping will have the applicable tax for your province.

Shipping costs: Your shipping will be based on weight and dimension and destination so that can not be known until the order is ready and sitting on a scale ready to leave our warehouse.

Please note the soda pop can only come on a pallet/skid and we can not send you pop by canpar or canada post. It will arrive broken and a huge mess. In order to order pop you will need to order enough to make the order worth the cost of a pallet from Shanty Bay Ontario to your destination. each bottle weighs 1.5 lbs to give you an idea.  Really there is no other way to say it other than to say, unless you order alot of pop, you should not order pop at all.

If you order less than our minimum order of $500.00 then you will be subject to high shipping costs.  We set the minimum order at $500.00 as at that amount all destinations will have a shipping cost that is reasonable. Less than the $500.00 the shipping costs it is our opinion that the shipping cost end up costing far too much. We will ship less "within reason", but we do strongly recommend that you do the minimum order so that shipping does not kill the retail price you will end up needing to charge. Smaller orders will be subject to a handling charge of $25.00 on top of the shipping cost.

Our first option of shipping is canpar as they come daily at 4:00 for pick ups in the event that when your order is put on the scale, if we feel the cost of shipping is too high with canpar, due to your location being a remote or not regular service for canpar, then we will take your order to canada post.  We do not have any idea of that cost until we get to canada post and your order is on a scale there, so we will not be able to charge the shipping to you from our credit card terminals therefore we will have canada post charge your card for the portion of the shipping directly to your card.  This is all in an attempt to save you money. It is alot of extra time, effort and work for us to do this for you but we will do so for all customers that the cost savings prove to be better using Canada Post. Please do understand though the card charge direct to canada post is our only option of payment for it. 

In the event that any products are returned to us / due to a cancelled order or not accepting to order for any reason, the shipping will be charged in two directions and a 20% restocking charge will charged to the customer.
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