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Educational Courses - Get schooled in How to Have a destination store

Our training classes are customized and tailored to meet your needs. Courses are one on one for one day or as long as you need (with or without your partners)  Book now for class time to work with your schedule.  Learn everything from developing a business plan, to getting the money you need and how much money you need to spend to on opening a store. We will work with you on fixtures and how to find a product mix that works. How to hire staff and what kind of staff you need. Your course will be built for you, teaching you, as much or a little as you need to learn to be successful in the retail candy business.  We will teach you how to create great displays in the store, to do great windows and give you rock solid marketing ideas. We will teach you about loss prevention and hiring staff that are great.

If you are already a retailer we can help you as well. If you  need a little help figuring out what to do to increase sales and do a makeover on your struggling business. What ever your area of struggle is  in any way, we can be the shot in the arm you need.  This program is also customized to your needs.

Courses start as low as $300.00 and up  based on what  we determine together are your needs. 

You can come to  Barrie, Ontario or we can come to you. If we come to you it is your expense for all out of pocket expenses for us to get to you and for as long as we are there. The course fee is on top of all expenses.  

All programs are customized to your needs, therefore the first step is to tell us all about what your ideas are and what your experience is and what your budget is for start up.

Our motto is very simple:
you can spend a lot of money and waste both your time and your money making mistakes from inexperience. It is sad that for many retailers some mistakes are SO costly that the final result  ends up  having no choice but that of going out of business and closing up shop. There are two ways of opening a store, First by the seat of your pants, or the second and best way with a plan to succeed.  
You can open a store without educating yourself in the nitty gritty of a retail store, or you can spend some time and money by doing the first step and educating yourself first and then when you are truly ready to open. You will be ready to start on the right foot and make money and not waste money.

Contact us today at  giving us all of your info so we can contact you about the educational program, or phone us at 705-727-4044 11-3 Monday thru Thursday Eastern standard time to discuss the opportunity for you.
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